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Meet the Team


Steph is best known for her eyebrow services & advanced skin treatments. Steph strives to provide clients with the extra confidence through her range of services and expertise. 

Meet Steph 

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Darsha is renowned for her relaxation treatments and eyebrow sculpturing services. She is welcoming and professional in delivering a relaxing environment to tailor treatments for your need. 

Meet Darsha


Judy is best known for her advanced skin treatments, eyebrow and eyelash services. Her ambition is driven by her ability to help her clients achieve the best skin and overall appearance through her diverse range of services 

Meet Judy


Lynnie  is best known for her facial treatments and eyebrow services. Her friendly attitude and skilled ability is here to help clients feel and look their best

Meet Lynnie

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Jessica is known for her relaxation and facial treatments. Through her regular treatment recommendations, she can help restore and transform client’s skin concerns.

Meet Jessica

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